Best 5 Shrimp Farming Profitable Business Idea in India

Shrimp farming refers to the large-scale cultivation of prawns and shrimps in freshwater or marine environments for commercial purposes to earn a profitable income.
Organic Shrimp Farming is defined as the cultivation of shrimp in a specific quantity without the use of chemical preservatives, antibiotics and hormonal modifications.
Indoor shrimp farming is known as the rearing of shrimps in a controlled environment with the use of modern technology to obtain the desired yield.
Biofloc shrimp farming is associated with the conventional production of shrimp, but in this aquaculture, the frequency of water exchange is comparatively less.
It is the modern aquaculture practice in which rice is cultivated along with shrimp. The waste produced by shrimps is reused for rice production in paddy shrimp cultivation.
In Intensive shrimp farming, the freshwater rearing of prawns and shrimps is done in a fixed boundary, such as in concrete ponds with continuous aeration for better growth.
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