Top 5 Sesame Producing States in India

Sesame is grown in all states of India, but Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the main sesame-growing states.
Gujarat is a top producer of sesame in India, producing about 620 thousand tonnes. The state's favourable climate and fertile soil contribute to its high sesame yield.
Andhra Pradesh ranks second after Gujarat in sesame production in India, contributing around 580 thousand tonnes. It's a key player in the country's sesame output.
Rajasthan produces about 440,000 tonnes of sesame seeds, making a big impact nationwide. Its dry climate and good soil are perfect for growing sesame, especially in the western areas.
Madhya Pradesh ranks among the top four sesame-producing states in India. Its estimated output is around 380 thousand tonnes, varying across districts like Chhatarpur.
Tamil Nadu is significant in India's sesame production. Erode, Villupuram, Karur, and Thanjavur are prominent districts known for sesame cultivation.
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