Top 5 Selling Massey Ferguson Tractor Models in India

Massey Ferguson tractors in India range from Rs. 3.25 lakh to Rs. 15.03 lakhs, with the most affordable being the 5118 and the most expensive being the 2635 4WD.
The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is a 36 HP tractor with a 3-cylinder engine, single-clutch system, and features like manual steering and a comfortable seat.
The Massey Ferguson 6028 4WD is a compact 28 HP tractor with a 4-wheel drive and partial synchromesh transmission. The tractor is fuel efficient and has a lifting capacity of 739 kg.
The Massey Ferguson 245 DI is a powerful 50 HP tractor with a water-cooled engine, 1700 kg lifting capacity, and features like a dual dry-clutch. The model ranges between Rs. 7.17 lakhs - Rs. 7.74 lakhs.
The Massey Ferguson 9500 tractor price starts from Rs 8.40 lakhs and is a 58 HP tractor with 2050 kg lifting capacity, power steering and oil-immersed brakes.
The Massey Ferguson 9500 Smart is a 58 HP tractor with a 70 litres fuel tank, 2050 kg lifting capacity, power steering, and price ranging from Rs. 8.60 lakhs - Rs. 11.30 lakhs.
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