Top 5 Selling Eicher Tractor Models in India

Eicher tractors pricing ranges starts from Rs. 3.20 Lakhs to Rs. 10.20 Lakhs. The lowest-priced tractor is the Eicher 188 with 18 HP, and the highest is Eicher 650 with 60 HP.
Eicher 380 is a 34 HP tractor with a powerful engine and a very robust design. With a dual-clutch system and mechanical/ power steering, the tractor can accomplish a lot of applications.
Eicher 241 model is a 25 HP tractor with a fuel-efficient engine and a compact design. It has a single-clutch system, mechanical/ power steering, and a competitive Rs. 3.83 Lakhs price.
The Eicher 548 has advanced features such as 41 HP PTO power, a 4-stage oil bath type air filter, 1650 kg lifting capacity etc. This 49 HP tractor gives amazing value for money.
Eicher 242 is a 25 HP tractor with a reliable engine and a simple design. It has a single-clutch system and power/ mechanical steering and is priced at an affordable amount of Rs. 4.05 Lakhs.
Eicher 480 is priced at Rs. 6.40 - 7.90 Lakhs and is a beast of a tractor with 45 HP performance, useful in activities such as haulage, harvesting, reaping etc.
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