Top 5 Sapota Producing States in India

Sapota farming involves cultivating sapota, also known as chikoo or sapodilla. It is a tropical fruit tree native to Mexico for its sweet, juicy fruits and economic benefits.
Gujarat, renowned for its sapota farming, boasts fertile lands conducive to the cultivation of this succulent fruit. It is contributing significantly to the state's economy.
West Bengal emerges as a budding Sapota farming state. It is capitalising on its favourable climate and soil conditions for the cultivation of this tropical fruit.
Andhra Pradesh, renowned for its sapota farming, boasts favourable climatic conditions and fertile soil. These conditions significantly enable the cultivation of high-quality sapotas.
Maharashtra thrives as a Sapota Farming state. Its conducive climate and fertile soil enable robust cultivation and production of this nutritious fruit in a state with a good economy.
Tamil Nadu thrives as a sapota farming state, boasting fertile lands and a favourable climate. It contributes significantly to the cultivation and production of this delicious fruit.
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