Sandalwood Production States in India

Traditionally, Sandalwood has been used as a fragrance to get rid of body odour. However, in today’s world, it is majorly used in making soaps, incense, perfumes and cosmetics.
Andhra Pradesh is popular for the cultivation of Red Sandalwood. At the same time, Kadapa, Chittoor, Nellore and Kurnool districts are famous regions for high yields.
Telangana is also popular for the large-scale production of Sandalwood. Also, this southern state of India helps in generating a profitable income by Sandalwood production.
Bihar also contributes to the overall Sandalwood cultivation of the country. As a result, this state also has a place among the top 5 Sandalwood production states of India.

Due to the high demand of white Sandalwood in Gujarat, farmers prefer its commercial cultivation. Also, Dwarka and Jamnagar are famous states for Sandalwood production.

The government’s permission and legal practices, we can grow Sandalwood in Karnataka. This state also has the suitable climatic conditions for its healthy growth.
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