Top 5 Rice Production States In India

Numerous Indian states are engaged in the large-scale production of rice. Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Punjab are the popular states for rice production.
Andhra Pradesh cultivates an average of about 128.95 lakh tons of rice. As a result, this rice producing state contributes to the 12% of overall rice grown in India.
The average 3-three production of rice in Tamil Nadu was registered at 74.48 lakh tonnes. As a result, the cultivation of rice is profitable for large-scale production.
According to the stats of 2021, the average production of rice in India is 2,984 kg from one hectare of land. This state has the ideal climate for growing rice.
Odisha is another major rice producing state in India. This state is expected to grow 128.26 lakh MT of rice in 2022-23, which is double the production in 20 years.
Rice is cultivated in the Kharif season in Punjab. Also, rice production is practiced on 3.13 million hectares of land in Punjab out of 3.59 million hectares of land.
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