Top 5 Rice Producing States In India

India boasts 200,000 rice varieties, which have been a staple for millennia. With diverse types, Basmati rice stands out for its aroma, offering 27 recorded varieties.

West Bengal leads India in rice production, contributing 14%. Major varieties grown in districts like Midnapore, Bardhaman, and Banka Virbhoomi include Swarna, IR36, and Sona Masuri.

Uttar Pradesh ranks second in India for rice farming due to its fertile plains. It grows high-yielding rice like Pusa Basmati, Sugandha, and Mahsuri, contributing 10% to India's rice output.

Punjab ranks third in rice production, yielding 12 million tonnes annually. It's renowned for basmati rice types like Pusa Basmati 1509 and 1121.

Rice is grown in about 28 districts in Tamil Nadu, one of the oldest rice-producing regions globally. It is famous for its high-quality rice, which is like Ponni and Sona Masuri.

Andhra Pradesh is a key rice-producing state in India, growing 22 major types of rice like Samba Madhuri and Sashri.  Key regions include Krishna East and Godavari.

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