Top 5 Raw Mango Production States in India

Uttar Pradesh, known for its tasty Dussehri mangoes, leads India in mango production. It covers 23% of the national output, with 590,000 hectares and 4,384,000 metric tonnes harvested.

Andhra Pradesh, a major mango producer, contributes 23% of India's yield. It spans 351,000 hectares and yields 4,384,000 metric tonnes. Among its varieties, Banganapalle mangoes are renowned.
Karnataka ranks third in India's mango production, contributing 9%. It spans 277,000 hectares, yielding 2,651,000 metric tonnes, notably exporting the popular Badami mango.
Bihar covers 248,000 hectares and yields 2,338,000 metric tonnes, which makes up 12% of total production. Furthermore, Dudhiya Malda is Bihar's Mango King.
Gujarat has 180,000 hectares and produces 1,805,000 metric tonnes, contributing 9.50% to total production. The 'Gir Kesar' or 'Kesar' is a popular mango grown in Gujarat.
Tamil Nadu covers 160,000 hectares and yields 1,578,000 metric tonnes, 8.30% of the total mango production. Malgova mangoes, native to Tamil Nadu, are prized for their large size and exquisite flavour.
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