Top 5 Rare Plants in India - Rare Plants Collection

India's most popular 5 rare plant varieties comprise Rafflesia Arnonodii, Encephalarots Woodii, Welwitschia, Middlemist Red and Ghost Orchid.
Rafflesia arnoldii is a rare, leafless flower found in India's Western Ghats, notable for its large size and spicy scent that attracts pollinators.
Encephalartos woodii, a rare cycad from South Africa, is preserved in Indian botanical gardens as the only living member of its species due to its inability to produce viable seeds.
Welwitschia mirabilis, a rare plant from the Namib Desert, is found in India's Western Ghats, known for its slow growth, long lifespan, and unique appearance, with only two leaves that grow continuously.
Middlemist's Red, an endangered flowering plant from China, is found in limited numbers in India's Darjeeling district, known for its vibrant pink blooms during the spring season.
Ghost Orchid, a rare epiphytic plant from Southeast Asia, is found in some parts of India, known for its pure white flowers without leaves or stems.
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