Top 5 Rare Herbs Found in India - Their Uses

Rare herbs are plant species not commonly found in nature or grown in cultivation. Their special qualities, flavours, and medicinal uses make them very popular and sought after.
Also known as black snakeroot or Indian snakeroot, this evergreen plant has been used in Ayurveda for 4000 years. It treats high blood pressure, reduces heart rate, and functions for snake bites.
Black turmeric, or Kali haldi, is a rare herb from India used in traditional medicine. It's valued for its medicinal properties, especially in treating various ailments.
Sonapatha, also known as aloe vera, is a natural plant with healing properties. It cures ulcers and skin problems and improves digestion.
Jivanti is an Ayurvedic herb that boosts energy, fertility, and overall health. Its sweet taste and rejuvenating properties treat weakness and breathing difficulties and support reproductive health.
This shrub is known for its elephant-ear-like leaves. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is used in birth control, cancer treatment, and male sexual health.
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