Top 5 Rainy Season Fruits in India - Rainy Seasonal Fruits

Rainy seasons cause increased humidity, leading to slower digestion of food. Therefore, eating rainy season fruits keeps the stomach healthy and also improves immunity.
Custard apples grow in annual rainfall of 50-80 cm under any type of soil. This rainy season fruit is beneficial for detoxifying the body during monsoon through antioxidants.
Higher rainfall is needed for a high-quality yield of Jamun fruits. This fruit is helpful in boosting immunity because our body is prone to diseases during monsoons.
Peaches have a velvet texture and sweet taste, and it is recommended to consume them in the rainy season. Additionally, peaches help to improve the skin and eyes.
Loaded with antioxidants, pear provides sufficient Vitamin C to fight numerous diseases. This fruit also has anti-inflammatory properties for better gut health.
This nutrient-rich fruit is beneficial to consume during monsoon. This is because Pomegranate prevents many rainy season infectious diseases such as flu and cold.
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