Top 5 Ragi Producing states in India

Finger Millet, also called Ragi, is a vital millet grown widely in India and Africa. It's scientifically known as Eleusine coracana and ranks sixth in production in India.
Karnataka is the leading producer of ragi in India, contributing approximately 70% to the total production with around 1370 thousand tonnes.
In 2020-21, Tamil Nadu ranked second in ragi production. The state produced 289 thousand tonnes, accounting for 14% of total ragi production.
Uttarakhand, a mountainous state in northern India, is now a key region for ragi cultivation. With 130K tonnes, it contributes about 6.5% to total production, ranking third among states.
Due to its drought tolerance and adaptability, farmers in Maharashtra prefer ragi. In 2020-21, the state produced 93K tonnes, contributing 4.65% to India's total ragi output.
Andhra Pradesh ranks 5th in India for ragi production, with 40K tonnes. It's known for Guli ragi farming in Visakhapatnam and East Godavari districts, used in dishes like ragi sangati.
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