Top 5 Pulse Production States In India

Bengal Gram, Arhar, Moong, Masoor, Rajma, etc., are the popular varieties of pulses in India. These pulses are consumed in Indian households for different dishes.
Rajasthan is popular for growing high-quality pulses of different varieties. The state has suitable climatic conditions for large-scale production of pulses for higher profits.
This state produced 4364.74 tonnes of pulses annually in Fiscal year 2020-21. Madhya Pradesh is popular for commercially producing pulses like Gram, Urad, and Toor.
Maharashtra comes third for pulses production in India, with an annual production of 4364.74 tonnes of pulses in FY 2020-21, and this state is highly engaged in toor cultivation.
Uttar Pradesh produced over 2.4 million metric tons of pulses in the financial year 2021. Also, the cultivation of pulses in this state has been boosted in previous years.
Karnataka is another major state for cultivating pulses for commercial purposes. An area of approx 24.32 lakh hectares is engaged for cultivating pulses in this state.
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