Top 5 Profitable Vegetable Farming Business in India

Vegetables are something that people require in their daily lives. Growing vegetables is also a profitable business in India. Most farmers grow vegetables in fields for self-consumption and business purposes.
West Bengal is the known state of cauliflower, It produces about 21.22 % of cauliflower annually. The profit per acre cultivation depends on several factors, including yield, market price, and cost of production.
While the yield is very low in plains, it's also a short-term crop, and the varieties are usually smaller. The average profit per acre could range from 60,000 Rs to 1.5 Lakh rupees per acre.
The beetroot crop becomes ready for harvest within 60-75 days of sowing when the roots attain a diameter of 5 cm. Roots are harvested before the development of spongy tissue within roots. Hence, profitable farming.
While all these vegetables can make great garden crops, growing kohlrabi is a wise choice because it's fast, easy, and dependable. For beginning gardeners, kohlrabi is the first cabbage family crop you should try.
This crop prefers well-drained sandy loam soil with good organic matter. It can be grown on a wide range of soils having good drainage conditions. This hardy crop tolerates salts in the soil.
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