Top 5 Profitable Flower Farming in India


India has the most suitable agro-climatic region for rose production. Plain land and salt-free loamy fertile soil are ideal for rose farming. You can produce 10 lakh roses/hectare in a year.


It is a very popular flower and in high demand for gifting purposes. It thrives with beautiful shapes, colours and soft petals. Lily flower usually grows in cold winters and high summers.


This flower variety has high production. Well-drained and loamy soils are ideal for sunflower farming because they have a good water holding capacity. By sunflower production, you can get 8 to 9 quintal/hectare.


It can be widely grown on any kind of soil. Mild winter, high summer, rainfall and sunny days are ideal for Jasmine production. You can plant 2k to 3k flower plants on one acre of land and harvest around 800kg/hectare.


This variety needs good maintenance as it provides a high return. It is one of the most selling cut flowers in India, which is grown in several semi-controlled condition areas.

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