Top 5 Best Preet tractors models for farming

Preet tractor models are available at a reasonable price range. The starting price of a Preet tractor is Rs. 4 lakh, which goes upto Rs. 22 lakh, making them an ideal choice.
Preet 6049 is power-packed tractor model, which has a powerful 4-cylinder engine with 60 Horsepower. The price of Preet 6049 tractor is Rs. 7.25 to 7.60 lakh in India.
Preet 955 is fitted with a fuel-efficient engine, producing 2200 RPM at 50 Horsepower. With modern farming features, it is priced at Rs. 7.52 to 7.92 lakh in India.
The eye-catching Preet 4549 tractor gives 38.30 HP of Take-Off Power, and has a 1800 kg lifting capacity. This Preet tractor price starts from Rs. 6.85 lakh in India.
The Preet 955 4WD is priced at Rs. 7.60 to 8.10 lakh in India. This Preet tractor offers excellent performance with 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and 42.5 HP PTO.
This 2WD Preet tractor performs the necessary farming operations with the help of a 3-cylinder engine. And the Preet 4049 price is Rs. 5.80 to 6.10 lakh in India.
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