Top 5 Best selling Eicher Mini Tractor for Farming

It is a 1-cylinder, 1557 CC tractor with a 25 HP engine. The Eicher 242 costs between 4.05 lakhs and 4.40 lakhs rupees.
One of India's most popular Eicher Mini Tractors is the 241, which features a 25 HP engine with 5 forward and 1 reverse gear. It is offered between Rs. 3.83 Lakh to Rs. 4.15 Lakh.
This one has a 28-litre fuel tank, an 18 HP tractor engine, and a lifting capacity of 700 kg. The Eicher 188 4WD costs between Rs. 3.30 Lakh and Rs. 3.50 Lakh, which is a reasonable range.
The Eicher mini tractor models range in horsepower from 18 to 25. In addition, you may purchase Popular Eicher micro tractor models from Tractor Guru, which start at an affordable price of Rs. 3.2 lakh.
Eicher 280 4WD Tractor comes with 1318 cc, 26 HP, 3-cylinder heavy-duty tractor. This Eicher 280 4WD Tractor is available between Rs. 3.80 Lakh and Rs. 4.25 Lakh.
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