5 Types of Potato Varieties in India

Popular potato varieties are available in India, and we recognise the best 4000 varieties of potatoes. However, potatoes have more than 180 species in the world.

This variety of potato matures in around 80 to 150 days, and it is highly cultivated in Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab, as it is a profitable variety.

Kufri Sindoori is a superior variety of potato. Moreover, the unique thing about this variety is that it can tolerate higher temperatures as compared to other varieties.
This potato variety has a large size and it is usually oval in shape. Along with this, Kufri Topaz takes around 2 to 3 months to ripen, and it is famous in north India.
Kufri Neelkanth can easily tolerate low temperatures. At the same time, this variety of potato is loaded with antioxidants, making this variety a healthy choice.
As the name suggests, the Kufri Redness potato variety has a reddish appearance. It takes around 3 to 4 months to fully ripen, and it is not ideal for processing.
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