Top 5 Potato Farming Tractors in India

Potato farming needs high-powered tractors to perform digging and land preparation. Thus, it is important to choose the right tractor for the large-scale cultivation of potatoes.
The Mahindra 475 DI SP Plus is an ideal choice for potato farming, with a 44 HP engine and 39.2 PTO HP for a high performance. This tractor is priced at Rs. 6,50,000 - 6,80,000.
The Powertrac Euro 47 is a suitable tractor for potato farming because it gives efficiency with a 50 HP engine and 47 HP PTO. Its price ranges from Rs. 6,67,800 to Rs. 7,06,200.
The Swaraj 744 FE is an excellent tractor for potato farming, offering reliability with a 48 HP engine and 40.3 HP PTO, available at a price of Rs. 8,20,000 - 8,55,000 in India.
The Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx tractor is tailored for potato farming, delivering impressive power with a 50 HP engine and 43.3 HP PTO. Its price is Rs. 7,90,000 - 8,40,000 in India.
The New Holland 3600 -2 TX All Rounder Plus is ideal for potato farming due to a 50 HP engine and 43 HP PTO. Its price starts from Rs. 9,33,000 and goes up to Rs. 10,15,000.
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