Top 5 Popular Varieties of Kiwifruit in India

Consuming kiwi offers several health benefits, including improved immunity, digestion, heart health, etc., due to its rich content of Vitamin C, fibre, and antioxidants in kiwi.
This is one of the most popular kiwi varieties, known as Hayward Kiwi. Green kiwi, with fuzzy brown skin and vibrant green pulp, is favoured for its sweet-tart flavour.
Golden Kiwi is another popular Kiwi variety on our list. It has smooth skin and golden pulp that contains vitamins C and E, fibre, and antioxidants for improved skin and gut health.
It is a unique Kiwi variety that has vibrant red flesh due to high levels of anthocyanins. Red Kiwi promotes immunity and digestion health, similar to green kiwi.
This smaller, smooth-skinned variety is known as hardy kiwi. It offers health benefits similar to traditional kiwi due to its high vitamin C and fibre content.
The silver vine kiwi variety is also known as Actinidia polygama. It is beneficial for stress reduction, improved dental health, and increased physical activity in cats.
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