Top 5 Popular Tractor Tyres in India

In the following slides, we will discuss the top five popular brands of tyres existing in the India Market Brand with their popular model names.

Apollo Tyres

The most trustworthy brand for farmers is Apollo Tires, which dominates the market with more than 25% share. Agrex85, FX 212, Apollo Farming, and Apollo Krishak Gold are some of the popular tractor tyres of the brand.

Good Year Tyres

Good Year tyres are designed specifically to function on Indian terrain. Good Year tyres are, therefore, more reasonably priced for all marginal farmers. Popular Good Year Tyres- Agrimax Elos, BKT Commander, BKT Tyre Commander.

CEAT Tyres

When running a tractor on the road or in the fields, CEAT tyres offer exceptional comfort. Therefore, deliver the finest field traction. The best-selling models are the CEAT AAYUSHMAAN R1 and CEAT AAYUSHMAAN F2.

MRF Tyres

The most affordable tractor tyre brand in India is MRF. The company has never looked back since it was founded and has always grown in popularity because of its wide range of products. Popular MRF Tyres- MRF Shakti Super 12.4–28, MRF Trailer 707.

Birla Tyres

Birla has been supplying customers with long-lasting, high-quality tyres at reasonable rates to protect and secure their lives on the road. Popular Birla Tyres- SHAAN series, FRAM HAUL PLATINA, CHAKRA series etc.

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