Top 5 Popular Sonalika Tractor Series in India

Sonalika is one of the leading tractor manufacturers in India. The company offers a wide range of reliable and cost-effective tractors to fulfil diverse farming and commercial needs.
Sonalika Mahabali is the most-selling Sonalika tractor series, containing 4 efficient tractor models (42-50 HP). The price of this tractor series ranges from Rs. 6.64 lakh to Rs. 7.59 Lakh.
Sonalika DLX Tractor Series features 7 models under 50-60 HP, priced from Rs. 6.43 to Rs. 9.10 Lakh. Popular models include Sonalika DI 745 DLX, DI 55 DLX, and DI 750 III Multi Speed DLX.
Sonalika Tiger Tractor Series includes 16 models (26-75 HP) for various farming needs. Prices range from Rs. 6.50 to Rs. 14.73 Lakh to suit different budgets.
Sonalika Mileage Master Tractor Series offers 9 fuel-efficient models (18-55 HP) compatible with every farm equipment. These tractors are available to purchase at Rs. 2.65 to Rs. 10.00 Lakh.
Sonalika Baagban Tractor Series offers compact models (27-32 HP), ideal for orchards and vineyards. There are four Baagban tractor models to select, priced between Rs. 4.33 and Rs. 5.59 Lakh.
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