Top 5 Popular New Holland Tractor In India

New Holland offers a series of high-performance tractors. Experience the power and performance of tractors that range from 29 to 90 HP and enhance your farming efficiency.
New Holland 3630 Tx Plus+ is a powerful tractor model with a 55 HP engine, advanced hydraulics, high lifting capacity, and 8F + 2R gearbox, making it ideal for heavy-duty farming tasks.
New Holland 5620 Tx Plus is a fuel-efficient and powerful tractor with an ergonomic design, ideal for small and medium-sized farms, featuring a 65 HP engine, 2000 kg lift capacity, and 60-litre fuel tank.
New Holland 3230 TX Super is a reliable and versatile 45 HP tractor with a water-cooled cooling system and a 30.81 km/hr top speed, making it a popular choice among Indian farmers.
New Holland 3032 Nx is a 35 HP tractor with advanced features, including a 3-cylinder engine and 6-year warranty, making it a popular and efficient choice for a wide range of farming.
New Holland 3630 TX Special Edition is a utility tractor popular in the commercial use industry with a 50 HP engine and a 2-wheel drive system, making it ideal for farms.
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