Top 5 Popular Massey Ferguson Tractors In India

Massey Ferguson offers 30+ models in India from Rs. 3.25L to Rs. 15.70L*, spanning 20-75 HP, meeting diverse agricultural and commercial needs, significantly impacting India.
The Massey Ferguson 241 DI is known for reliability and efficiency. It is priced at Rs. 5.92 - 6.55 Lakhs, and it excels in tilling, sowing, hauling, and more, making it cost-effective.
Priced at 5.77-6.04 Lakhs, the Massey 1035 DI is a 36 HP tractor with a 2400 CC engine. Ideal for small-scale farmers, it includes a two-year warranty and essential features.
The 50 HP Massey Ferguson 245 DI offers fuel efficiency and reliability. Priced at Rs. 7.16 - 7.73 lakhs, it excels in tilling and hauling, serving farming and commercial use.
A 2700 CC, 3-cylinder engine with 58 HP rated power, 55 HP take-off power, and 170.17 Nm torque. It lifts 2050 Kg, aided by an air filter and intercooler coolant system for best performance.
The Massey 5118 is an 18 HP cost-effective tractor in India, valued for stability and fuel efficiency. Priced at Rs. 3.25 - 3.80 Lakhs, it's best for commercial and agricultural use.
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