Top 5 Popular Lychee Producing States in India

Bihar produces the most lychee in India. It produces around 75% of all the lychees in the nation. The Shahi, Kasba, and Rose Scented varieties are the main ones that Bihar grows.
Bihar tops lychee production in India, yielding 4.5 lakh tonnes annually from 32 thousand hectares. Key districts include Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur, and East Champaran.
Uttar Pradesh ranks third in lychee production in India, with approximately 0.4 lakh tonnes annually from 15 thousand hectares. Key varieties include Early Large Red, Calcuttia, and Purbi.
Punjab is India's fourth largest lychee producer, with around 0.2 lakh tonnes annually from 5 thousand hectares. The main varieties cultivated in Punjab include Dehradun, Seedless, and Kalkata.
Uttarakhand produces about 0.1 lakh tonnes of lychee annually from 8 thousand hectares, and the main varieties are Rose Scented, Culcuttia, Late Bedana.
West Bengal is India's second-largest lychee producer, with around 0.8 lakh tonnes annually from 19 thousand hectares. Key varieties in West Bengal include Bombai, Bedana, and Rose Scented.
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