Top 5 Cities Mango Variety - Types of Mangoes

Over 1,000 types of mangoes are grown globally, but some popular varieties include Alphonso, Kesar, Chaunsa, Dasheri, and Langra.
Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is the home of Alphonso mango, the king of fruits in India, known for its rich and unique flavour.
This variety of mangoes has a tangy sweetness and a distinctive shape. Totapuri is grown in Karnataka and is ideal for making pickles and chutneys.

Grown in the holy city of Varanasi, Langra mangoes are famous for their flavour. This type of mango has a juicy sweetness and a strong aroma.

Lucknow is famous for its Dasheri mangoes, known for their long shelf life and rich aroma. These mangoes juicy and sweet pulp can be eaten fresh and used to make desserts.
Chausa mangoes from Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, are famous for their unique flavour, aroma, and soft, pulpy texture that melts in your mouth, best enjoyed chilled or with a dash of salt.
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