Top 5 Pomegranate Production States in India

Maharashtra leads the pomegranate production in India. Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh are some states that come after Maharashtra in pomegranate farming.
Leading in pomegranate production, Maharashtra covers 225 thousand acres and yields 9.45 lakh metric tons annually. Its favorable climate and fertile soil make it an ideal state for cultivation.
Ranking second, Gujarat produces 6.84 lakh metric tons. The state's expertise in irrigation techniques ensures optimal growth and abundant harvests.
Known for its diverse agricultural practices, Karnataka's third largest producer contributes 3.05 lakh metric tons. Its unique geographic features create suitable conditions for cultivation.
Emerging as a pomegranate star, Andhra Pradesh harvests 2.83 lakh metric tons. The key districts are Anantapur, Kurnool, Chittoor, and Kadapa.
Despite its landlocked location, Positioned fifth, Madhya Pradesh produces 0.75 lakh metric tons of pomegranate. Notable cultivation areas are Hoshangabad, Jabalpur, Sagar, and Narsinghpur.
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