Top 5 Plum Production States in India

Damson Plum, Elephant Heart Plum, Moyer Plum, Greengage Plum and Friar Plum are the popular types of varieties of plum fruits, and each of them is profitable.
Plum production in Uttarakhand is popular for green and Victoria plums. Apart from this, the recommended season for commercial plum cultivation is May and September.
Himachal Pradesh is the second state in terms of plum production in India. The popular regions for plum cultivation in Himachal Pradesh are Kullu and Solan districts.
Jammu & Kashmir is another major plum production state in India. It produces profitable quantities of plum due to the ideal agro-climate of Jammu and Kashmir state.
In Punjab, plum production is carried out under special sub-tropical climatic conditions. However, the Kala Amritsari is a famous variety of plum grown in India.
According to recent statistics, the plum production of Tamil Nadu in India is 2.09 tonnes. As a result, it contributed to 2.66% of overall plum cultivation in the country.
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