Top 5 Pineapple Production States in India

The Pineapple fruit is harvested at different times throughout the year. Moreover, the recommended season for the pineapple harvesting is May to June.
Pineapple is grown in Kerala throughout the year but this fruit is majorly cultivated easily with rubber and coconut plants, and it is harvested highly in Vazhakulam.
The pineapple season in Assam is from July to December. However, this Indian state has the suitable climatic conditions for the large-scale production of pineapple.
Manipur comes third for pineapple production in India. Apart from this, the Portuguese introduced this fruit in the North-East region, making it a profitable farming practice.
Karnataka is another popular state for pineapple and the best time for planting pineapple cultivation in this state is April to June, with higher quality yield.
The state of Bihar has suitable climatic conditions for cultivation of pineapple. Moreover, the pineapple harvesting is done according to the production volume.
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