Top 5 Perennial Staple Crop Production in India

Various climatic conditions, such as temperature, rainfall, and soil fertility, influence perennial crop choices. Below we have mentioned 5 key aspects that will help you understand them better.
Perennial carbohydrate-rich crops like mesquite pods and date palms and drought-resistant protein crops such as buffalo gourd seed and moringa can thrive in arid or semi-arid regions.
Lowland humid tropics have ideal conditions for growing a variety of high-quality perennial bean crops, vegetables, and fruits such as runner beans, chachi fruit trees, and lucuma.
Highland Tropics are regions of high altitude and diverse climate where perennial vegetables and fruits thrive.
While hazelnut is a popular perennial crop in colder areas, there is minimal production of other perennial staple crops, but the cultivation and technological advancements are increasing.
Suitable regions for carbohydrate crops include carob, chestnuts, and dates, while avocado, pistachio, and almond are examples of perennial crops, and oak trees are cultivated only in Mediterranean regions.
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