Top 5 Peas Production States In India

Uttar Pradesh is a popular pea producing state in India. This state has the ideal conditions for the commercial cultivation of peas, leading to a profitable income for farmers.
Uttar Pradesh is a major producer of peas in India. It contributes to 49 percent of the total pea production in India. This leads to higher profits for farmers.
Madhya Pradesh has 53.45 thousand hectares of land engaged in pea cultivation. Madhya Pradesh produces 534.00 thousand metric tonnes of output of peas in India.
Punjab is another major pea producing state in India. Amritsar, Hoshiarpur and Nawanshahr are the famous pea producing districts of Punjab with high-quality yields.
The pea production in Jharkhand is carried out in rain-fed areas across the entire state. Jharkhand cultivates peas majorly in the Rabi crop season for better yield.
Himachal Pradesh is also a major pea producing state in India. Himachal Pradesh is responsible for contributing to more than 25 percent of the total pea produced in India.
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