Top 5 Pear Production States in India

Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Tamil Nadu are the popular pear producing states in India. This is due to the high demand for pear in these states.
Jammu & Kashmir has suitable rainfall and mountainous regions for the cultivation of pears. Also, Poonch, Budgam and Rajouri are popular areas for pear farming.

Himachal Pradesh produces pears in about 7,470 hectares of land, contributing to 10.000 tonnes of yield. This makes Himachal Pradesh a popular pear producing state.

According to data, this state produces 0.788 lakh MT of pears, resulting in profitable income for farmers. However, Uttarakhand has 13,200 hectares of land for pear cultivation.
Pear cultivation is practised on 2147 hectares of land in Punjab. This contributes to the overall annual production of 42940 tonnes of pears in the state of Punjab.
In Tamil Nadu, common pear, Jargonelle, William, New Pear and Kieffer are the major grown varieties of pear. Hence, pear farming is profitable for farmers in Tamil Nadu.
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