Pear Fruit Farming Tips in India - Pear Fruit Benefits

Popular pear fruit varieties are Patharnakh, Punjab Nakh, Punjab Nectar, Punjab Beauty and China Pear are the popular varieties of Pear in India. These pear farming is profitable for farmers.
Pear requires a wet and cold climate for ideal production. The ideal growth of fruits needs temperatures below 7 °C, and it requires rainfall between 50 to 75mm.
Pear farming can be practised on sandy loam and clayey loam soil. Also, the soil should be deep and properly drained with a recommended max soil pH level of 8.7.
Pear fruit farming Multiple ploughings are performed in the soil for the desired tilth land. The size of the pits for planting should be 1 m x 1 m x 1 m for pear farming with higher profits.
Sow the seeds in nurseries for seedling development and plant the prepared seedlings in the pits. Also, seedlings are grafted in winter for high-quality growth production.
The pear fruits become firm and mature, they are ready for harvesting. However, the harvesting time for pears varies according to the type of variety sown.
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