Top 5 Peach production states in India

Peaches grow well in India's hilly regions. Jammu & Kashmir, the most famous state for peach production, is at the top, followed by Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab, and Delhi.

Jammu & Kashmir 1.83 lakh metric tonnes of peach production India's top peach-producing state. The district of Kulgam has the highest peach production in the state.

The second-largest peach-producing state in India, Himachal Pradesh, grows popular varieties like Redhaven, Florda Prince, and Early Grande. It has diverse agro-climatic zones and rich biodiversity.

Uttaranchal is the third-highest peach-producing state in India, with a production of 0.36 lakh metric tons. It has a favourable temperature, rainfall regimes, and fertile soil for peach cultivation.
Punjab has adequate irrigation facilities and high-yielding varieties for peach cultivation. In this state, the average yield of peach is 70-100 kg per tree.
Delhi is India's fifth top peach producer, producing 0.11 lakh metric tons. Comparatively speaking to states like Punjab and Uttarakhand, Delhi produces fewer peaches.
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