Top 5 Parwal Producing States in India

Parwal is a summer vegetable typically harvested from late spring to early autumn in regions with warm climates. Consuming Parwal helps promote weight loss and lowering blood pressure.
West Bengal is the leading producer of Parwal, with an annual production of 397,400 tonnes. The state contributes 53.64% of the country's overall Pointed Gourd (Parwal) production.
Bihar secures second position among India’s top parwal-producing states. It cultivates 13.36% of the total production of Parwal across the country, translating into 98,900 tonnes annually.
Uttar Pradesh is next on our list, with an annual production of 68,110 tonnes of Pointed Gourd. The state contributes a considerable share of 9.19% to Parwal’s overall production.
Orissa is another significant Parwal producer with an overall cultivation of 65,970 tonnes annually. The state accounts for producing 8.91% of Parwal’s total production across the country.
Last but not least, Chhattisgarh produces 38,010 tonnes of Pointed Gourd (Parwal) annually, which translates into 5.13% of India’s overall production of Pointed Gourds.
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