Top 5 Papaya Producing States in India

Andhra Pradesh is the largest Papaya papaya production in India.This Market share 28%, and second largest states in India Gujarat all over market share 19.29%, and Third Maharashtra this market share 8.64% in India.
Andhra Pradesh comes first in terms of Papaya production in India. This state has suitable climatic conditions for the commercial cultivation of papaya for higher profits.
According to data, Karnataka cultivates 0.44 million tons of papaya. Moreover, this state has a productivity of 71.9 tons of papaya output from one hectare of land.
Gujarat is the major papaya production state in India. The papaya production in this state is about 8.27 lakh metric tons. Hence, papaya production is profitable in Gujarat.
Papaya production in West Bengal is practised on about 7,540 hectares of land. Apart from this, the yield obtained from papaya cultivation is about 32.3 tons per hectare.
Madhya Pradesh is responsible for contributing around 5.4% of the overall papaya production in India. The agro-climatic conditions of this state are ideal for papaya cultivation.
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