Top 5 Orchids Production States In India

Assam is the leading producer of Orchids in India. This state has the ideal climatic conditions for the production of Orchids, contributing to the nation's overall production.
Assama cultivates a wide variety of orchids, resulting in a higher income for farmers. This Indian state is blessed with ideal climatic conditions for orchids.
West Bengal grows high-quality orchids due to favourable climatic conditions and high demand. Orchid cultivation is a profitable business in West Bengal.
Madhya Pradesh is another popular orchid producing state in India. It accounts for a major chunk of the overall production of orchids in India, leading to higher income.
Karnataka is famous for its commercial cultivation of flowers in India, and orchids are one of them. The farmers in this state are earning higher profits from orchids.
The state of Kerala grows a wide variety of flowers, and orchids play a significant role in the overall crop production. It is a lucrative business for the farmers of Kerala.
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