Top 5 Orange Producing States in India

Various orange types, such as Navel and Valencia, offer diverse flavours and culinary uses. From sweet and seedless to tangy and juicy, they cater to different preferences.
Maharashtra is Known for producing a variety of oranges, particularly the Nagpur oranges. Maharashtra leads in orange cultivation with its favourable climate, followed by Rajasthan.
Contributing around 25% to the country's orange production, Rajasthan specialises in sweet oranges, benefiting from its favourable agro-climatic conditions.
Playing a significant role, Madhya Pradesh contributes approximately 10% to India's orange output, with regions like Betul and Hoshangabad being key cultivation areas.
Assam contributes about 5% to India's orange production. Its speciality lies in the unique Khasi Mandarin oranges, adding a distinct flavour to the citrus output in the northeastern region.
Punjab plays a significant role in orange cultivation, contributing around 7%. The most popular variety grown in Punjab is kinnow, which adds to India's citrus production.
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