Top 5 Onion Farming Tips in India - Onion Cultivation

There are mainly three varieties of onions available, which are red onion, yellow or brown onions and white onions. Every variety needs a different climate for growth.
Onion farming requires nutrient rich soil with sufficient organic matter. Also, the soil pH level of 6.0 to 7.0 is suitable for the production of high-quality onions.
Onion farming is done under tropical or temperate climates, and harvesting is carried out before summer. It needs a temperature between 13° C to 25° C for ideal growth.
We can cultivate onions in every season due to its adaptability. As a result, onion production is done both as Kharif and Rabi crops, making it a profitable crop.
The irrigation requirement for cultivating onions varies according to the soil and climatic conditions. However, irrigation is necessary during the planting season.
When the onion bulbs mature, we can harvest them depending upon the variety. Moreover, onions are manually harvested to obtain a healthy yield for more profits.
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