Top 5 Oats Producing States in India

Oats are great fodder in temperate regions. In India, they thrive in places like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, U.P., Bihar, and Odisha, especially the interior districts.
Punjab, in the northwestern and central parts of the country, grows a lot of winter oats. It farms oats on 100,000 hectares and produces about 3.36 million tonnes each year.
Haryana is known for growing lots of oats now. They're using what they know about farming to grow oats. This is making farming in Haryana more diverse and interesting.
Uttar Pradesh is becoming good at producing oats. It's using its farming skills to grow more of this healthy cereal because more people want to eat it.
Madhya Pradesh, famous for its variety of crops, is becoming an important producer of oats. The state is helping increase the nation's cereal production.
Odisha, with its different types of farming land, is becoming known for growing oats. The state is using its good weather and rich soil to grow this crop.
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