Top 5 New Holland Tractor Models in India

Tractor Features

The following slides mention five classy and affordable tractor models of New Holland ranging from 35 HP to 65 HP. All New Holland tractor models listed are affordable and made up of high-quality materials.

New Holland 3630 TX

It is a 55 HP tractor fitted with a 2931 CC engine and 3 cylinders. The New Holland 3630 TX Special Edition price is economical and reasonable and lies between Rs. 7.95 lakhs to Rs. 8.50 lakhs.

New Holland 3032 Nx

This tractor has 35 HP, including 8 forward and 2 reverse and Mechanical, Real Oil Immersed Brakes. The New Holland 3032 Nx price is available in the Indian Market at Rs. 5.39 Lakh* up to Rs. 6.08 Lakh*.

New Holland 4710

It is a 47 HP tractor model with 62 litres fuel tank and a 1500 KG lifting capacity. Therefore, the New Holland 4710 price is quite affordable and lies between Rs. 7.27 lakhs - Rs. 9.34 lakhs.

New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+

It is a 50 HP 2WD heavy-duty tractor with 3 cylinders, making it fuel efficient. The New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+ tractor prices range from Rs. 7.58 to Rs. 8.87 Lakh*.

New Holland 5620 Tx Plus

It is a 2300 RPM, 3-cylinder tractor with a 65 HP engine. The New Holland 5620 Tx Plus cost is moderate, given the performance and torque, and ranges from Rs. 9.51 lakhs to Rs. 11.60 lakhs.

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