Top 5 Mustard Producing States In India

Mustard farming involves cultivating mustard plants for their seeds, which are used in cooking and oil production. Rajasthan is the top mustard-producing State in India.
Rajasthan contributes 40-45% to India's mustard production, boasting a Mustard Research Centre in Bharatpur due to its high output. Mustard is primarily in demand in Eastern states.
Haryana ranks second in mustard production, following Rajasthan. Mustard is sown on 6.50 lakh hectares, with major growing districts like Hisar, Rewari, Mahendragarh, and Rohtak.
Uttar Pradesh plays a vital role in mustard production, contributing 10.49% of India's output. Key areas for mustard production in Uttar Pradesh include Agra, Azamgarh, and Aligarh.
Madhya Pradesh contributes a significant 11.32% to the national output. The key producing district is Morena, followed by Bhind, Sheopur Kala, Gwalior, and Mandsaur.
Gujarat contributes 3.33% to India's mustard production, around 3.33 lakh tonnes yearly. Banaskantha district leads, contributing over 70% of Gujarat's total.
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