Top 5 Muskmelon Production States In India

There are various types of Muskmelon varieties produced in India. It is available in different shapes and changes according to the climatic conditions of the region.
Uttar Pradesh is one of the top states when it comes to the farming of Muskmelon. The state produces 528.32 tonnes of fruit and covers a market share of 56.52%.
Andhra Pradesh comes at second place in the list by producing 151.50 tonnes of Muskmelon and making a contribution of 16.21% in the overall Muskmelon production of India.
Punjab is the land of farming and produces all kinds of fruits. Due to its availability of best climate conditions it produces 91.26 tonnes and adds 9.76% in sales.
Madhya Pradesh is situated in the central part of India and has a mixed atmosphere. The state puts 40.30 tonnes of Muskmelon with a share of 4.31% in the market.
Karnataka is another popular state for the commercial production of Muskmelon in India. This is due to the ideal climatic conditions for large scale Muskmelon cultivation.
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