Top 5 Muskmelon Producing States In India

Muskmelon is a summer fruit typically harvested during the warm months, from late spring to early autumn. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is good for skin health and supports digestion.
Uttar Pradesh is the leading muskmelon-producing state in India, with annual production of 5,92,510 tonnes. The state contributes 39.25% of the country’s total muskmelon production.
Andhra Pradesh is the second largest producer of muskmelon in the country. The state accounts for 30.2% of the country’s overall muskmelon production, yielding 4,55,970 tonnes annually.
Punjab secures third position with an annual production of 1,36,620 tonnes of muskmelon. It is a contribution of 9.05% to India’s overall muskmelon production.
Madhya Pradesh is another significant muskmelon-producing state. It cultivates 1,21,390 tonnes of muskmelon annually, which accounts for 8.04% of the country's overall production output.
Last but not least, Haryana produces 64,000 tonnes of muskmelon annually thanks to its favourable agroclimate conditions. The state contributes 4.24% of the total muskmelon yield.
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