Top 5 Mushroom Production States in India

Bihar, known for its ideal climate and great soil conditions, has the largest mushroom farm in India. Such an accolade sure is a feather on the cap of this Indian state.
Bihar leads the country in mushroom production, contributing over 28,000 tonnes in 2021-22, accounting for 10.82% of the total production of Mushrooms in India.
Maharashtra ranks second in mushroom production, representing 9.89% of the country's total mushroom output. This state is famous for large-scale mushroom cultivation.
Odisha is India's third-largest producer of mushrooms, with a 9.66% share. The state is known for cultivating Oyster mushrooms, which is a profitable income source for farmers.
Sonipat district in Haryana is renowned for mushroom cultivation. The state government provides subsidies of up to 40% for farmers, making it a lucrative business in Haryana.
Punjab has approximately 400 mushroom growers, with an average annual production of 45,000 to 48,000 tonnes, making it one of the major mushroom producing states.
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