Top 5 Most Profitable Crops in India

The cultivation of numerous crops is practiced by Indian farmers. However, farmers prefer the production of profitable cash crops in order to generate a higher income.
Saffron Cultivation is a profit-making cash crop for Indian farmers. It is highly popular in Uttar Pradesh farmers achieve a reasonable price of the saffron yield.
Wheat is a staple crop in India, and growing wheat on a large-scale will significantly benefit the farmers. Therefore, wheat cultivation should be adopted by farmers.
Dragon fruits is an underrated crop, which can create a profitable income for the farmers. This crop will surely boost the agricultural income of every farmer with high quality yield.
Growing garlic will be also helpful for commercial-scale crop growers of India. Adopting this crop cultivation will improve the income because garlic has a reasonable price.
Mushroom is another profit-making crop for the farmers, with high market value and reasonable price. As a result, mushroom cultivation is becoming popular these days.
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