Top 5 Most Popular Vegetables in the India

Potatoes originated from South America, and they were brought to India in the 17th century. Later, this veggie became popular in India and is now consumed all over the nation.
Tomatoes were first grown in Peru and Ecuador, and Portuguese explorers made this vegetable famous in India at the time of British rule by bringing it in the 16th century.
The origin place of chillies is Brazil, and the Portuguese spread it throughout the southern region of India. After a while, chillies became popular in North India as well.
The Northeastern Mediterranean region is believed to be the origin of cauliflower. This vegetable was brought to India by Dr. Jemson from England in the year 1822.
Capsicums were first grown in the American tropics and brought to India by the Portuguese before 1885. Currently, capsicum is commercially produced all over India.
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