Top 5 Most Popular Fruits in India: Types of Fruits

India has a wide variety of fruits due to a diverse climate throughout the country. As a result, the large-scale cultivation of fruits is beneficial for Indian farmers.
Banana is botanically a berry and it has loads of nutrients. This fruit is highly popular in India, and its commercial cultivation is carried out throughout the year.
Watermelons are consumed during summers in India as they provide hydration due to their high water content. Therefore, watermelon is one of the popular fruits in India.
Apples are produced worldwide, and they are cultivated in the cold and hilly regions of India. This fruit is famous for its taste and profitability in large-scale cultivation.
Loaded with vitamin C and other essential nutrients, Oranges are known for skin illumination. Also, numerous farmers in India are engaged in orange farming for profit.
Grapes are full of antioxidants to fight heart diseases. These fruits are grown in orchards in India, and they are used widely in lots of cuisines, making them a popular fruit.
Mangoes are used in different sweets in India, and their production is majorly done for commercial purposes. Also, numerous varieties of mangoes are grown in India.
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