Top 5 Most Fragrant Flowers in India

Jasmines, such as Jai, Juhi, Bela, Mogara, and Chameli, are fragrant flowers ideal for your garden. These perennial climbers thrive in large pots.
Tuberose, also known as Rajnigandha, is a fragrant annual plant in India. Ideal for pots, it blooms small white flowers with a refreshing scent.
Roses are captivating with their beautiful appearance, various colors, and enticing scent. With different colors and a pleasant aroma, roses are ideal for gifting and gardening.
Colorful sweet peas, easy to grow in sunny areas with moist, rich soil, are favorites in cottage gardens. They climb on trellises or spill over pots, adding charm.
Gardenia flowers are stunning and fragrant, blooming in warmer months. Protect from extreme temperatures to prevent plumeria bud loss.
Lavender, with its pleasant aroma, offers benefits like air purification and mosquito repellent. The silver-colored leaves add beauty, thriving in winter.
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